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6 Steps to Connect your AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT Account to AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT Outlook

AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT If your professional life needs regular traveling, linking your AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERAOL email account AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERto Microsoft Outlook lets you check your AOL emails from your desktop directly without AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER needing to visit the AOL website. You can even send mails from your AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERAOL mail account when using Outlook and manage all messages in AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER one place without keeping  AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER them distinct and AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER organized. The emails will be stored on the AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER server, thus you can retrieve them by AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER accessing on another computer or any other system whenever you need.AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER 
For all that, AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERyou just need to add your AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER email account in Outlook, the AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER process only takes a few moments to finish AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER the setup. AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERHowever, if you have AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERany question, contact directly to the for fast resolution. Take a look and follow the steps one by AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER one for adding your AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER account to Outlook successfully.

Steps to add AOL Email Account to Outlook

1. First click on the ‘AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER File’ section, followed by the ‘Add Account’ option.
2. Select the AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER check box ‘AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER Manual Setup or additional AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER Server Types’, and AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER then choose the ‘POP or IMAP’ AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER settings from the listed options and then click the AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER ‘Next’ option.
3. Type AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER your first and last name and the correct address of AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER AOL email account. In the Server information, select AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER the specific Account type you AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER need to add. Microsoft endorses IMAP as it AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER stores your emails on the server as opposite AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER  to the personal computer, AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER letting you AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER access them on your computer.
4. Type ‘’ in the box AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  related to the Incoming Mail Server. AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTIn the same way, type ‘ CUSTOMER SUPPORT com’ in the box related AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTto the Outgoing Mail Server. Enter your AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  proper AOL email address AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER and password in the login AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT information tab, and after that click the ‘Next’.
5. Now, AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTclick on ‘AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER More Settings’ option. In the ‘Outgoing AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTServer’ tab, select the check box ‘My server requires additional AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  authentication’,AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTand then click the ‘Advanced’ option and enter the ‘587’ as the SMTP port. Here, you can leave the POP port AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTas the default selection or AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTselect the ‘SSL’ AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER for advanced AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT encryption.
6. Later, make sure AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT that the ‘Test Account Settings’ box is selected, so click the ‘Next’ AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER button. The instructions wizard will AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER confirm that your email account is working AOL CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERproperly and allow you to know if the AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT details you have provided are acceptable.
Now, when you AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT open the Outlook, it starts to download copies of the AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTemail messages already in your AOL account. However,AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  if you still had any confusion, or you AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTnot able to connect your account to the Outlook, you should prefer to AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTtake the technical help of email AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT specialists by simply dialing the , you will AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORTdefinitely be AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT able to access AOL CUSTOMER SUPPORT your account on the IMAP server of AOL.


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